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How longs does it take to build a website?

The time taken to build a website varies. If we get all of the necessary information that we need in order to create the website, this will allow the process to be quicker. Many customers want their website built quickly however they never get all the required information to us. If you’re wanting to get your basic website built within a week we can, if we have everything that we need.  

How much does a website cost?

The costs of a website also varies depending on what you want within your website. An online shop will cost you more than a website that’s purpose is to just inform you of something. When it comes to making websites, you have to pay a website design fee, which is paid to someone like me. Then you pay the Web Development Company directly which is usually a monthly or annual fee and prices vary depending on what company you choose to create your website with (some companies include wix, square space or WordPress). On top of that you pay for a domain name which can be purchased by a third party or can be purchased within you monthly/annual plan with your website development company. Within CR Web & Graphic Design we aim to keep costs to a minimum as we understand how it can become are large expense.

Can you link Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, you can link Facebook and Instagram together, however, you can only make a post from Instagram, and then it will post on  Facebook. It doesn't work the other way such as making a post on Facebook and it feeding through to Instagram.


To link the two accounts, go to your Instagram profile > top right corner (three lines) > click settings > Click Account > Click Linked accounts or Sharing to other apps > Select Facebook. (Ensure you are logged into the Facebook account that you wish to link.

What is a social media plan and would you recommend one?

A social media plan is a summary of everything you wish to achieve within your social media platforms. It helps you organise when, where, what and how you’re going to use social media to reach specific targets. Planning will eliminate forgetting to post, scrambling for ideas on what to post when you need to post right away! I personally believe that each business’s social media plan should be different because businesses are different themselves, we can help tailor a social media plan that will best suit your business. I would highly recommend using a social media plan, I personally find it beneficial to organise information efficiently. 

What is the go with hashtags?

Hashtags are essentially a symbol (#) however they are used to increase engagement with followers, build a brand, add context to your posts, get your audience’s attention, get more traffic on your posts and aids in building a community. Download our quick guide to hashtags to find out more or get in contact for any further help.

What’s the importance of branding?

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any feature that outlines or identifies a specific business’s good or service from other businesses. Branding is important to set your business apart from its competitors. Having a great brand will help communicate to customers your business, it’ll tell them your story, it will assist in building a connection and confidence. With branding comes a purpose and direction which will aid in linking a like-minded audience. Most importantly however branding should help deliver you results in terms of business growth not only in just sales.

Which website development company would you recommend and why?

WIX is our preference because it is very user-friendly, it allows you to be as creative as you wish in terms of design. They offer a variety of different plans ranging from a free plan to a plan that allows you to take online payments. WIX allows you to upgrade and downgrade plans as you wish which is beneficial when you are unsure of what plan will suit your website requirements. They also allow you to create a domain name with them which means that everything for your website is under one roof (they always have deals such as a 1-year free domain). If you’re a little bit tech savvy and wish to make minor updates to your website then WIX is the way to go, because the process is simple and we will give you the tools to assist you in making minor changes.

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